Instagram Tests Full-Length Reels Replay in Stories for Enhanced Engagement

Instagram is conducting an experiment that allows some users to view full-length Reels within the Stories flow, rather than the initial 15-second preview. This move could further increase the popularity of the Reels format while keeping users engaged for longer. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri noted that users are now sharing content more on Stories and direct messages than on the main feed. The integration of Stories and Reels could tap into this evolving usage behavior and drive higher engagement. Reels have become a primary focus for Meta, as it aims to reignite usage growth and keep people in the app for longer. According to an internal report, Reels consumption has increased by 20% YoY, and users are spending more time on Meta’s apps for discovery and consumption. The integration of Reels and Stories could lead to even higher Reels consumption and make Stories a bigger consideration for creators.