Instagram Unveils “Close Friends” Feature for Reels and Feed Posts, Enhancing Intimate Connection

Instagram has officially announced the widespread availability of a feature that allows users to share their feed posts and Reels exclusively with a select group of individuals designated as “Close Friends.” Initially introduced for Stories in 2018, this tool enables users to create a more contained group of up to 100 people, fostering a sense of intimacy compared to public posting.

In response to shifting user behavior away from public posting, Instagram is continuously evolving its platform to cater to more private and enclosed group interactions. The latest update extends the “Close Friends” feature to Reels, offering users another avenue for more personal engagement within the app.

This move aligns with Instagram’s broader strategy, as explained by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri last year, emphasizing the increasing prevalence of users sharing through stories and direct messages rather than traditional Feed posts. Social media platforms are adapting to this trend by introducing features that facilitate more intimate connections, responding to the growing preference for enclosed interaction.

The rise of AI-recommended content in user feeds has also contributed to the shift in user behavior, with platforms like Instagram and Facebook seeking ways to balance algorithmic recommendations with user-generated content. With significant increases in usage attributed to the consumption of video content, the introduction of “Close Friends” options for Reels and Feed posts appears to be a strategic move to align with this evolving landscape.

As Instagram users explore these new updates, it remains to be seen whether there will be widespread adoption of posting into more enclosed groups. Nevertheless, this move underscores Instagram’s commitment to providing users with flexible and personalized sharing options that cater to the evolving dynamics of social media engagement.