Instagram updates policies to boost UGC monetization and content collaboration opportunities

Instagram is updating its policies around affiliate marketing and renaming Branded Content Ads to Partnership Ads to better communicate its evolving approach. This change will allow brands to promote more types of user-generated content on the app, not just posts that use the Paid Partnership label. Brands can now boost more types of organic Instagram content as partnership ads, including Instagram Collab posts, @mentions, people tags, product tags, and other content without the paid partnership label.

The permission process for Partnership Ads remains the same, with creators able to switch on the ‘Allow brand partner to boost’ option, which will give businesses the capacity to use their posts for ads, if they choose. Instagram is pushing for UGC and testing a new process that’ll help brands feature user photos and videos in their IG shop to promote their products.

This renewed push on UGC will give creators more opportunities to form business partnerships, while also providing businesses with more ways to boost brand awareness. The capacity to use actual examples, based on Instagram posts, can be an effective promotional tool, especially as more DIY content gains traction in the app.