Cook With Doode

Client Background:

Cook with Doode is a YouTube and Instagram channel that focuses on creating short recipe videos that are easy to follow and under 1 minute in length. Their target audience is primarily home cooks who are looking for quick and delicious meal ideas.

Scope of Work:

BrandMa was tasked with creating an animated logo and intro video for “Cook with Doode” to use across their social media platforms. Our services included:

  • Conducting a consultation with the client to understand their brand identity and marketing goals
  • Developing a concept for the animated logo that reflected the client’s brand and style
  • Creating a storyboard for the intro video that captured the essence of “Cook with Doode” and their content
  • Designing and animating the logo and intro video using industry-standard software
  • Implementing the logo and intro video across the client’s YouTube and Instagram accounts

Results and Impact:

The animated logo and intro video helped Cook with Doode establish a consistent brand identity across their social media platforms and differentiate themselves from other recipe channels.

- Increased engagement on YouTube and Instagram due to the eye-catching intro video

- Positive feedback from Cook with Doode followers, who appreciated the professional and fun new intro

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