Threads Adds Polls and GIFs as it Continues to Expand its Engagement Options

In a relentless bid to capture the attention of users and expand its influence in the social media sphere, Threads, the latest offering from Meta, is upping the ante with the introduction of two new features – GIFs and polls. These additions mark another milestone in the platform’s mission to enhance user engagement.

GIFs for Enhanced Expressiveness

The inclusion of GIFs adds a new layer of expression to Threads’ users. This feature, introduced after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement, allows Threads users to incorporate animated images from GIPHY, a well-known GIF platform. It’s as simple as tapping on the new GIF icon in the Threads composer options and searching for the perfect animated image to convey your message. This not only adds a fun element to conversations but also helps users express themselves more creatively.

Interactive Polls for Audience Engagement

Threads is also introducing polls, a feature designed to further engage the Threads audience. By clicking on the line chart icon, users can create in-stream polls with up to four response options for viewers to vote on. These polls come equipped with a real-time countdown timer, making the voting experience more exciting. Additionally, once a poll concludes, voters receive notifications to view the final results, increasing interaction and anticipation among users.

Threads vs. X: The Race for Users

This recent move by Threads brings it closer to its competitor, X, formerly known as Twitter. Threads is clearly positioning itself to seize the opportunity created by users migrating from the Elon Musk-owned platform. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Threads has now reached 100 million monthly active users, a significant milestone reached in less than four months since its launch. Meanwhile, reports indicate that X’s user base is shrinking due to changes implemented by Elon Musk. Threads, with its impressive growth, is becoming a serious contender to X’s real-time social empire.

To maintain its upward trajectory, Threads must continue enhancing its appeal by adding new features and tools for better discussions. Features like polls and GIFs are steps in the right direction. Threads is also experimenting with ways to cross-promote its content on Instagram, making it easier for users to share Threads posts on their Instagram Stories.

Moreover, Meta is leveraging its extensive network by promoting Threads posts to Facebook and Instagram users, further widening the platform’s reach. Threads is not only focusing on features but also on integration and cross-promotion to make the most of Meta’s vast user base.

In addition to GIFs and polls, Threads is testing view counts on posts and the ability to pin a post to a user’s profile, which provides more functionality and customization options.

With each new feature and the growing number of influential users, Threads is intensifying the competition with other platforms, pushing users to reconsider their choices and potentially migrate to Threads. Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious goal is to reach one billion users through a different approach to real-time updates, and Threads is steadily carving out its niche on the social media landscape.