Threads Introduces Profile Deletion Option Without Impacting Instagram Presence

In a recent update, the Threads team has addressed a significant concern among its users by allowing them to delete their Threads profile independently from their Instagram presence. This move marks a pivotal step towards providing users with greater control over their social media presence and privacy.
Threads, initially built on Instagram’s infrastructure, had its users’ Threads and Instagram profiles intrinsically linked. This meant that your Threads profile was essentially a sub-element of your Instagram presence, making it difficult for users who were undecided about Threads to maintain their Instagram profiles while experimenting with the new app. Instagram has now addressed this issue by separating the two profiles, ensuring that changes to one do not affect the other.
The updated process can be found in the Threads settings under “Account” and “Delete or Deactivate Profile.” Users now have the option to deactivate their Threads profile, and if they do not reactivate it within 30 days, it will be permanently deleted. Importantly, this deletion will have no impact on their Instagram profile, allowing users to make an informed decision about Threads without the fear of losing their Instagram identity.
It’s important to note that while Threads and Instagram profiles can now be managed separately, you still need an Instagram presence to have a Threads profile. This linkage ensures that your Threads and Instagram profiles remain connected in one key way. Nevertheless, the ability to delete your Threads profile without affecting your Instagram identity is a significant improvement.
As Threads continues to grow, it’s possible that it may become even more independent from Instagram. However, this independence will not extend to direct messages (DMs) at the moment. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has clarified that DMs are not currently in the pipeline for Threads. While there is still a possibility that Threads profiles could be linked back to Instagram DMs in the future, the Threads team does not consider it a priority at this time.