Threads Software Limited Initiates Legal Battle Against Meta Over ‘Threads’ App Name

In an unexpected legal clash, Meta, the corporate entity overseeing Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is now facing the possibility of rebranding its messaging app “Threads” in the United Kingdom. Threads Software Limited, a British software company, has issued a formal request for Meta to discontinue the use of the “Threads” title within the UK, with the threat of seeking a court injunction if their request is not met. This legal dispute revolves around alleged trademark infringement, raising questions about the dynamics between tech giants and smaller enterprises.

Threads Software Limited, the originator of “Threads” as an intelligent message hub, contends that it conceptualized and trademarked the name back in 2012. The service has been actively promoted worldwide since 2014, exhibiting remarkable growth. It has licensed its technology to nearly 1,000 organizations across the globe, with sales increasing at a rate of 200% annually.

This case’s intriguing aspect lies in Meta’s prior release of an app named “Threads” in 2019, intended as a competitor to Snapchat rather than a clone of Twitter. Notably, no previous legal actions were taken by Threads Software Limited against Meta. However, this time, the software company is determined to safeguard its brand name, setting the stage for a legal confrontation.

Since April 2023, Meta has made four unsuccessful attempts to acquire the domain “” from Threads Software Limited. These offers have consistently been declined by the software company, making it abundantly clear that the domain is not available for purchase. This suggests that Threads Software Limited is committed to defending its position and is ready to challenge Meta in a court of law, despite the significant gap in resources between the two parties.

While historical trends often favor the party with deeper pockets, this case underscores the significance of preserving one’s brand identity. Threads Software Limited’s resolute stance in safeguarding its trademark and the looming legal confrontation may compel Meta to pay an undisclosed sum as compensation to retain the use of the “Threads” name for its app.

The outcome of this legal dispute remains uncertain. It has the potential to compel Meta to rename its messaging app in the UK or lead to a negotiated settlement that enables both companies to coexist under the same name. The tech industry will closely monitor the progression of this case, as it introduces an intriguing dimension to Meta’s broader Threads app and raises essential questions about intellectual property rights in the digital age.

In the tech sector, where naming conventions and trademarks hold a critical role, this legal dispute between Threads Software Limited and Meta emphasizes that even industry giants can face legal challenges from smaller entities dedicated to safeguarding their intellectual property. The resolution of this David-and-Goliath confrontation is yet to unfold, with potential implications for future disputes of a similar nature.