Twitter Testing New Feature to Get Notifications on Tweet Activity

Twitter is testing a new feature that would allow users to receive notifications on activity related to any tweet, not just their own. Twitter designer Andrea Conway shared a mock-up of a new notification flow, which includes the option to select “Notify me” from the three-dot menu on any tweet. This would allow users to receive alerts for any new replies or quote tweets related to that tweet, enabling them to stay on top of evolving discussions around specific topics and comments.
While this feature could be useful for keeping track of tweets from celebrities or comments about world events, it could also be beneficial for niche communities or brands looking to monitor mentions and see how people are responding to their business. However, with the potential for overwhelming notifications, it may not be a feature that everyone will use heavily.
In addition to the new notification feature, Conway’s mock-up also included potential updates for trending and video tabs. These tabs could provide a way for users to stay on top of the latest trending conversations in the app and a dedicated video tab could align with the shift towards vertical video on social media platforms.
While there is no further information on these features, it’s clear that Twitter is experimenting with ways to maximize usage and keep users engaged on the platform. Only time will tell which of these features will be rolled out to the public, but it’s clear that Twitter is exploring new ways to enhance the user experience.