Twitter Updates Verification Process

Twitter has updated the wording of its pop-up for blue verified accounts, making it impossible to distinguish between paying Twitter Blue subscribers and those verified under the previous regime. The move comes as Twitter aims to democratize the blue tick, and it may take some time to manually remove legacy blue ticks. The updated wording could also blur the lines for the value of verification, making it less differentiating to have one, especially with the absence of an ID check or qualification process for Twitter Blue. However, Twitter chief Elon Musk has noted that accounts will soon show the date of verification to help users understand their validity. Despite the potential deterrent to scammers, the effectiveness of Twitter Blue remains to be seen. April 15th will see only paying accounts having their tweets shown in the ‘For You’ feeds of users that don’t follow them, with the hope that removing blue ticks will create a level playing field for all users.