What’s new in WhatsApp beta for iOS

WhatsApp is introducing a fresh interface for action sheets in its latest beta update for iOS, version This update builds upon the previous enhancements to the app’s design, which featured rounded corners, small margins, translucent effects for the tab bar and navigation bar, and context menus. The new action sheets have been completely redesigned to enhance user experience and are being gradually rolled out to beta testers.
The action sheets now sport a significantly different appearance compared to earlier versions, departing from Apple’s default APIs for interaction prompts. The revamped interface can be observed when performing actions such as deleting a message or muting a conversation. If beta testers encounter the new action sheets in these situations, it signifies that their WhatsApp accounts are compatible with the feature, and all action sheets will display the refreshed design.
Moreover, the updated interface is not restricted to message deletion alone. WhatsApp has extended it to actions like muting, deleting, clearing, or exporting a conversation. Additionally, a redesigned action sheet is presented when managing media saving preferences or accessing chat shortcuts.
To access the new interface, users can download the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app. While currently available to some beta testers, the rollout is expected to reach a wider audience in the upcoming days.
This latest update demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to refining its user interface and continuously improving the user experience. By implementing redesigned action sheets, the messaging platform aims to provide a visually appealing and intuitive interface for users engaging in various actions within the app.

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