WhatsApp Beta for Android Unveils General Group Chat for Communities

WhatsApp is evolving its community features with the latest beta update, version, on Android. The standout addition in this update is the general group chat for communities, aiming to facilitate better interaction among members.

How It Works

The general group chat serves as a hub for community members to engage in conversations. When someone joins a community, they might automatically join this chat, similar to community announcement groups. This feature, however, is currently exclusive to new communities and won’t extend to older ones.

The general group chat accommodates up to 1024 participants and lacks phone number privacy protection or hidden participant lists.


This new feature benefits newcomers who may find it challenging to navigate and understand community dynamics. It provides a platform for them to connect, seek guidance, and familiarize themselves with the community.

Customization and Control

Creators of new communities can remove the general group chat if it doesn’t suit their needs. This customization can be achieved through the community info screen introduced in WhatsApp beta for Android


Initially available to select beta testers, WhatsApp intends to gradually roll out the general group chat to a broader audience in the coming days.

In essence, WhatsApp continues to enhance community interactions by introducing the general group chat. It empowers community members to communicate effectively and easily navigate their communities, promising a more engaging and user-friendly messaging experience. Stay tuned to the Google Play Store for updates to access this exciting feature.

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