WhatsApp Beta for Android introduces new feature to lock chats for enhanced privacy

WhatsApp is continuously working on new features to improve its messaging app, and its latest update is no exception. The messaging giant is currently rolling out an update through the Google Play Beta Program that brings the version up to for Android users. What’s interesting about this update is that WhatsApp is working on a feature that allows users to lock their chats for enhanced privacy.

The feature is currently under development, and once it’s released, it will offer an additional layer of privacy for sensitive chats. Users will be able to protect their privacy by preventing others from reading their messages. To lock a chat, users will need to add it to the list of their locked chats, and it will only be available within this screen. Once a chat is locked, it can only be accessed using the user’s fingerprint or passcode, making it nearly impossible for anyone else to open the chat.

The locked chat feature is not just limited to individual chats. It will also work for group chats, and users will be able to lock group chats they don’t want other members to access. This feature will ensure that only the authorized users will be able to read the messages.

To ensure the utmost privacy, locked chats won’t be opened without fingerprint or passcode authentication. Furthermore, if someone tries to access the user’s phone and fails to provide the necessary authentication, they will be prompted to clear the chat to open it.

The feature will also help keep media private. It ensures that media files such as photos and videos sent in a locked chat are not automatically saved to the device’s gallery, offering an additional layer of protection.

While the feature is still under development and is not yet available for use, it’s expected to be a valuable addition to the messaging app. With the growing need for privacy, WhatsApp is taking steps to ensure that users’ data and messages are secure. By providing an additional layer of security through locked chats, WhatsApp is taking a step in the right direction.

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