WhatsApp Beta for Android introduces new text editor experience

WhatsApp is rolling out a new text editor experience on its Android beta version, bringing new features and tools to make editing text more convenient and personalized. The latest WhatsApp beta for Android update has brought in several changes, including the ability to create a newsletter in the future. However, the most notable change is the new text editor experience, now available for some beta testers.

To check if the new text editor experience is available for your account, you need to open the text editor. Once you do, you will be able to edit photos, videos, and GIFs using new tools, such as the ability to easily switch between different fonts by tapping one of the font options shown above the keyboard. While it was already possible to change the text font, WhatsApp is now making it easier to quickly select the font you want.

Another useful feature is the ability to change the text alignment to the left, center, or right. This gives users more control over formatting text within images, videos, and GIFs. Users can also change the text background color, which makes it easier for them to differentiate important text from the rest.

Additionally, some new fonts have been released to beta testers, such as Calistoga, Courier Prime, Damion, Exo 2, and Morning Breeze. These new fonts provide various options for users to customize their text and make it stand out.

The new text editor is currently available for some beta testers that have installed the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, and it is also available for some businesses on WhatsApp Business. If you don’t have this feature enabled for your account yet, it will be rolling out to more users over the coming weeks.

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