WhatsApp Introduces “Keep in Chat” Feature for Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature called “Keep in Chat,” which allows users to retain certain messages even after the Disappearing Messages feature has been turned on. This feature is available for some users who have updated their WhatsApp app on iOS, Android, and Desktop, and it will be released to more users in the coming weeks.
When someone chooses to keep a message from disappearing, the sender will be notified and given the option to veto the decision. If the sender chooses to unkeep a message, it will be deleted when the timer expires, ensuring the sender has complete control over their messages. The kept messages will be marked with a bookmark icon and will be listed in a new section called “Kept Messages” within the chat info.
This feature is not exclusive to any particular platform, and it is available for some users on WhatsApp for iOS, Android, and Desktop. WhatsApp has announced that the ability to keep messages from disappearing will be released globally to all users over the coming weeks. This feature gives users more control over their messages and provides them with the option to keep important messages for future reference.

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