WhatsApp introduces updates to enhance user experience with polls, media forwarding, and document sharing

WhatsApp has announced several new updates to enhance the user experience on its platform. These updates include improvements to polls, forwarding media with captions, and sharing documents with captions. The updates are available on the latest versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android and have started rolling out globally.
With the latest updates, poll creators can now enable a single-vote option, making it easier to reach a definitive answer. Users can turn off the “allow multiple answers” toggle while creating a poll. WhatsApp has also added the ability to search for polls by filtering messages by-polls. Poll creators will be notified when people vote on their polls.
Another new feature allows users to forward media with a caption, adding more context to the shared media. Additionally, users can now add captions when sharing documents, making it easier to find them later.
These updates aim to improve the user experience and make communication more efficient and streamlined on WhatsApp.

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