Meta’s Generative AI Ad Tools: Simplifying Ad Creation with Artificial Intelligence

Meta is set to release new generative AI ad creation options in the second half of this year, providing advertisers with more ways to customize their promotions for different audiences across its apps. This move is part of the company’s ongoing work with AI tools, and it aims to bring them into different elements. Meta’s automated campaigns are already driving good response, with advertisers seeing a 32% increase in return on ad spend, while other automated elements have generated similar double-digit performance gains. The next iteration of Meta’s AI ad tools will likely provide full creative capacity through generative AI, which would enable advertisers to input a few images and copy notes, press a button, and have Meta’s system create the whole campaign, including audience targeting, for them. The possibilities for advertising with generative AI are significant, and this could be the future of advertising, providing simplified means to create more relevant ads, leading to a more positive user and advertiser experience.