Ankit Toys & Games

BrandMa designed a visually stunning and user-friendly package for Ankit Toys’ 4 in 1 board game set, incorporating the brand’s signature style and messaging.

Ankit Toys & Games


Project Overview: Ankit Toys & Games

We were approached by a food truck company called “Heaven From Seven” to create a strong and memorable brand identity that would help them stand out in a highly competitive market. Their goal was to offer delicious fast food from 7 pm to 2 am at midnight, and they needed a visual identity that would communicate their concept and appeal to late-night customers.

Rule Book Design

We created a comprehensive and user-friendly rule book for the board game set, ensuring that players of all ages and experience levels can easily understand and enjoy the games. The rule book design incorporates the brand’s style and messaging, while also providing clear and concise instructions and illustrations for each game.

Ankit Toys - Ludo Game

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