X Explores ‘Verified Only’ Reply Option and Lower-Priced Tiers to Boost X Premium Uptake

To enhance user engagement and combat bot armies, social media platform X is exploring innovative features, including a ‘Verified Only’ reply option for posts and the introduction of a more affordable subscription tier called ‘X Basic’. The aim is to encourage more users to opt for X Premium subscriptions, fostering a community of verified, paying users.
The proposed ‘Verified Only’ reply restriction option will limit responses to paying users or those directly mentioned in the post. While all users can still quote a post, this feature primarily encourages interactions among paying subscribers. The objective is to motivate more users to subscribe to X Premium, enabling them to engage with all posts within the platform.
This initiative aligns with X’s broader strategy of introducing exclusive features for its premium subscribers. These include video call options, premium-only polls, premium-only Spaces, and other elements that come with paid user restrictions. By offering a range of premium-only functionalities, X hopes to boost overall user engagement within its ecosystem.
As of now, less than 0.5% of X users have subscribed to its Premium package, prompting X to address this by developing a more budget-friendly subscription option. Elon Musk, the owner of X, has indicated the upcoming launch of a “lower priced tier” for X Premium to cater to a broader audience. This move is intended to deter bot armies by making it economically unfeasible for them to create numerous profiles within the app.
The imminent arrival of the ‘X Basic’ package, mentioned in the app’s back-end code, hints at a cheaper alternative. The new package aims to appeal to users in developing regions where the current Premium package cost of $8 per month might be prohibitive. Furthermore, X plans to make the platform more appealing to the vast majority of users who do not post by offering variable subscription options and diverse functionalities.
The central idea behind these developments is to encourage a significant portion of X’s active, posting user base to sign up for X Premium. This move would help in identifying and distinguishing bot accounts within the app, making it easier to manage and reduce their influence. However, it remains to be seen whether this approach will be effective in achieving the desired level of engagement and deterring bot activities.
In conclusion, X is taking strategic steps to refine its offerings and pricing structure to attract a more substantial number of subscribers to X Premium. By providing exclusive features and functionalities to paying users, the platform aims to foster a community of engaged, verified users while countering the challenge of bot armies. The success of these initiatives will depend on striking the right balance between functionality, pricing, and user appeal. Only time will tell if X can successfully achieve its goals and make X Premium a more significant consideration for its user base.