YouTube Tests New Community Notes Feed in the Mobile App

YouTube is taking another stride in enhancing user engagement and fostering a sense of community within its platform. The latest development involves a new feature in the mobile app called the “Community Posts” feed, aiming to seamlessly integrate text-based social interactions reminiscent of platforms like Twitter directly within the YouTube environment.
Acknowledging the feedback and preferences of its users, YouTube has initiated this experiment to refine the discovery of Community posts from creators. The objective is to offer a dedicated feed for these posts within the Home tab on mobile devices. Users participating in the experiment will notice a “View all” button on individual Community posts on their Home tab. This button allows them to access more posts from channels they have interacted with before, as well as posts that align with their interests, providing a personalized browsing experience.
In essence, this new development is akin to incorporating a Twitter-like text update feed within the YouTube app. Users will have access to a stream of text-based updates from channels they follow, as well as suggestions for channels they might be interested in.
This move by YouTube is significant in fostering engagement and offering creators another medium to keep their audience informed about supplementary updates beyond their regular uploads. The Community Posts feature has been evolving steadily, integrating features like polls, quizzes (currently available on Android and soon to be on iOS), disappearing updates, and more. YouTube has also reduced the qualification thresholds for Community Notes back in May, making it more accessible for channel managers to utilize this feature.
With the introduction of a dedicated notes tab, YouTube is bolstering the potential of Community Notes as a powerful tool for outreach and awareness within the app. The testing of this new Community Notes mobile feed is currently underway, involving a small group of users on both Android and iOS platforms.
In summary, YouTube’s innovative step to introduce a Community Posts feed within the mobile app showcases the platform’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and fostering a sense of community, providing creators with more avenues to connect with their audience effectively. Stay tuned for updates as this feature evolves and becomes available to a wider audience.